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BBGUN: Jim Jones – "Day N Nite" Remix Video

We met BBGUN through Say Uncle, another great branding company. We all had the pleasure of working together for the J. Cole videos. Things went so well we decided to join forces. So if you need some film work done…By Any Means is the one stop shop! Jim Jones – Day N Nite Remix Video [...]

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TaVon Sampson: Jim Jones – "Pray IV Reign" Ad

Just completed the Ad for publications. Tell us what you think.  Just so you know there is a theory behind the gun and money on the bible. I couldn’t dare explain it the way he would. He explains on the album though, now you gotta buy it!    

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TaVon Sampson: Jim Jones Posters (week 1)

So TaVon just finished the P.O.P for the new Jim Jones album. With Thi’s photography and TaVons vision we have made some pretty amazing stuff in a short amount of time.    If you need videos, graphic design or photgraphy…

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This Week's my Work Week..

Hello/good evening/good morning… its 3:55am here in a hot ass living room, listening to some j. cole and just got finished whooping on Aristotle in a game of chess.. anyhow here’s a few images for this week.. it should explain what i been up to last i was working on jim jones album cover…. [...]

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Music…it's literally made everywhere with anything!!!!

I happened to be at home in Kansas City when I stumbled upon the Sunday morning news, this is HUGE for anyone who knows me…I don’t own a TV at the moment!  The story begins with an orchestra seated ready to perform. As the musicians begin to play their instruments the camera zooms into the [...]

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Can I take your order?

INT: Dominique Andriese Sole Food in Tribeca on Lispenard St between Church and Broadway, looks like a soul food restuarant but as she gets closer to the counter she notices…. Dominique Andriese “Can I get an order of bbq chicken wings, collared greens, baked mac and cheese and a second order of customized sneakers with [...]

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