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This Week's my Work Week..

Hello/good evening/good morning… its 3:55am here in a hot ass living room, listening to some j. cole and just got finished whooping on Aristotle in a game of chess.. anyhow here’s a few images for this week.. it should explain what i been up to last i was working on jim jones album cover…. [...]

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Music…it's literally made everywhere with anything!!!!

I happened to be at home in Kansas City when I stumbled upon the Sunday morning news, this is HUGE for anyone who knows me…I don’t own a TV at the moment!  The story begins with an orchestra seated ready to perform. As the musicians begin to play their instruments the camera zooms into the [...]

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Can I take your order?

INT: Dominique Andriese Sole Food in Tribeca on Lispenard St between Church and Broadway, looks like a soul food restuarant but as she gets closer to the counter she notices…. Dominique Andriese “Can I get an order of bbq chicken wings, collared greens, baked mac and cheese and a second order of customized sneakers with [...]

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Slanted Vision presents your Daily Fix "ImAges N Syringes"

Whats up everyone? Checking in to give this weeks snippet of my “Life Substances” series. Now i dont go around taking flicks of strictly this, but alot of people dont get to see what i see so i just wanted to share. i’m doing a series on addiction, (drugs, alcohol, money, food and sex..) this [...]

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