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Exclusive Preview of “J. Cole Life & Rhymes” (Visualized by Aristotle)

Get More: J. Cole, Music News Check out the teaser for the Aristotle directed “MTV: Life & Rhymes 2.0″ with J. Cole MTV Life & Rhymes 2.0 An MTV presentation. A By Any Means production.

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MTV | J. Cole Premiers Teaser for “Life & Rhymes 2.0″ On RapFix Live (Visualized by Aristotle)

J. Cole premiers the BAM & MTV produced teaser for “Life & Rhymes 2.0″ on MTV’s Rapfix Live; visualized by Aristotle.

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Art | Invisible Hieroglyphics App

Long-time friends and artists, Andre Woolery and Victor AbiJaoudi, have illustrated the beautifully human truth of those words with their new visual art collection, “Invisible Hieroglyphics.” This collection of fingerprints “lifted” from the screens of iPads and creatively recast in spiraling purples, jutting hot pinks, dances of salmon, and a host of other eager colors, [...]

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NBC | Aristotle On The Art Of Making Music Videos

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Growing up, music video director Aristotle Torres didn’t have dreams to become one of hip-hop culture’s premier filmmakers. The Bronx native believed he’d be an attorney. He was accepted to Georgetown University’s law school in 2003 but chose not to attend. “I couldn’t afford it,” [...]

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Photography | 12 Rules for Creating an Effective Portfolio

Complex sits down with BAM’s own Seher Sikandar to discuss creating an effective photography portfolio. Believe it or not, the efficacy of a photography portfolio isn’t determined by pretty pictures or a fancy website. Sorry, dudes. The most powerful portfolios are those that are straightforward and easy to use, have a strong and very intentional curation, [...]

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Hot 97 | Morning Show vs. The Turn Up Twins

The Hot 97 morning show sits down with controversial “swag” rappers, The Turn-Up Twins. Visualized by Aristotle DP/Editor | Hot Mop Films Camera Op’s | Ronin x Dred x Gladimir Gelin Producer | Rory Farrell A By Any Means production. Special Thanks | Hot 97 x Ebro x Peter Rosenberg & Cipha Sounds x K. [...]

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